Wednesday, January 04, 2006

About Us

Six of us are sisters:

Eve is working on a PhD in comparative literature and philosophy. She's been married for nearly ten years to a clinical psychologist who is much better at home-decorating than she is. She's perfected the skill of studying Latin while watching The Lord of the Rings, but her penchant for multitasking sometimes leads to problems when she attempts to talk on the phone and cook at the same time.

Lynnette is in a PhD program in systematic theology. She's especially fond of chocolate, fantasy novels, and staying up too late, and her highest priority in life is beating her siblings at Settlers of Catan (an occurrence which doesn't happen nearly often enough.)

Kiskilili is pursuing a PhD in Akkadian and Sumerian studies. (The name "Kiskilili," by the way, is that of an Akkadian demoness.) She's a bit fanatic about In Search of the Trojan War, dreams about learning every language in the world, and is more likely to celebrate Bach's birthday than her own.

Elbereth recently completed a B.A. in history, and is currently employed as a secretary for a gaggle of family historians. Her interests include pop culture, library science, women's history, and children's books. She served a mission in Detroit, where she learned (among other things) the skill of fitting large pieces of luggage into a small car trunk.

Melyngoch is enrolled in a MA/PhD program in English with a focus on medieval studies. She has an incomprehensible attachment to the color orange, has dyed her hair often enough that no one remembers what its original color was, and is very interested in social justice. She recently came out of the closet and confessed that despite appearances (e.g. her nose ring), she's in fact planning to serve a mission.

Amalthea is about a year away from completing a B.A. in film studies. She plays a mean game of Mario Kart, is known for going to see movies she enjoys multiple times (we're talking double digits here), and is generally more of a salty spirit than a sweet one.

Unlike the real Zelophehad's Daughters, we have a brother. Ziff is a perpetual graduate student. His name comes from Mosiah 11, where we learn that evil King Noah went so far as to tax the people's ziff at a rate of 20%. He and his wife have two incredibly cute sons, who are very popular with their aunts.

Our final two members aren't related to the rest of us, but have graciously agreed to contribute nonetheless (and, we hope, prevent our blog from collapsing into complete family insanity):

S is in a PhD program in English. She's a committed feminist who loves to cook and shop for clothes. She's currently engaged. She and Lynnette survived being roommates while attending a university in the Midwest, and have been good friends ever since.

Katya is working on a Master's degree in Library Science. Her alias comes from taking Russian classes as an undergrad, and a Midwestern winter has convinced her to take up knitting. She explains, "Melyngoch have been friends since about halfway through her first semester at BYU, when she figured out that I was more than "nice" and I figured out that she was more than an angry little freshman."

(updated 6/2/06)